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As we know the world is growing and developing it in a remarkable way. Therefore, Web 2.0 are giving the users a rich Internet applications which mean that web applications that have many of the characteristics of desktop (wiki) applications. Therefore, According to O’Reilly  (2005) “ The Success in the Web 2.0 world depends on a successful user experience”.

The first example is one of the newest web 2.0 that has influence many of the people. In their way of working. This web 2.0 application is Google Wave. Google wave is an online tool for communication and teamwork. Also Google wave can be both a discussion and a document where people can share and talk about there work using text, photos, videos, and more. Also the user of the application can reply in the massage, edit on the content and add more users. Therefore Google wave is the best example of the rich user experience.

Another example, which can be one of the greatest examples of web 2.0 applications is plashup. Plashup is a web 2.0 application and it is the next step in our evolution, easy to use, web-based image editor for experienced users. Plashup is a free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images. Therefore, this web 2.0 application gives the users the chance to create and design many photos. Therefore Plashup is the best example of the rich user experience.

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