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As we know the world is growing and developing in a remarkable way. Also the websites are developing too. Which increase the Internet users. Therefore, Website are giving the companies and the normal users the opportunity to create and customizes there own website. This is the innovation in assembly.

There is one of the most popular examples of web 2.0 and innovation in assembly, which is Netlog. Netlog is an online platform where users can keep in touch with and extend their social network. Also, Netlog gives the users the opportunity to create new account. Also, you can create your own web page with a blog, pictures, and videos. Also, they can customize their pages to the people. In addition, they can add some applications to share it with there friends. Therefore, Netlog is one of the best examples of innovation in assembly.

The other example of innovation in assembly is YouTube. YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community. Also the users can watch and share videos. In addition, the YouTube are giving millions of people the opportunity to see others people clips and they can upload their clips and share it with them. Also the users can edit it on their YouTube page. In addition, the users can enables or disables commenting for their videos. Therefore, this is a good example of innovation in assembly.