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International Business Machines (IBM) “is an American multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation”. Also IBM is a global technology and innovation company that stands for progress. IBM well known through most of its recent history as the world’s largest computer company. With operations in over 170 countries. Also with almost 400,000 employees worldwide. However, IBM now is the world’s fourth largest technology company and the second most valuable global brand. Therefore, IBM decided to start using the social network in the company. They start using a twitter and blogs to allow their employees to write about their experiences, what they’re working on, Interest or any other topic of choice, which gives IBM the idea to give their consumers insight into what happens behind the scenes. Also to show or highlight the people or developers behind their product. Also IBM gives the users the opportunity to see how IBM operates and give them a direct connection with IMB employees.

Therefore, there are some advantages of using the Social network in their enterprise  which are:

  1. Expanding Market Research: Social networking sites give businesses a fantastic opportunity to widen their circle of contacts. Using Twitter, for example, a small business can target an audience of thousands without much effort or advertising. A new market opens up, as do the opportunities to do business.
  1. Improve Your Reputation: Building strong social networks can help a business to improve its reputation with as little advertising as possible. Social networks can boost your image as thought leaders in the field and customers/contacts start to acknowledge your business as reliable and an excellent source of information/products that suit their requirements.

However, there are some disadvantages of using Social network in their enterprise.

Privacy is arguably a major issue, because users may broadcast sensitive personal information to anyone who views their public feed

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