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Nowadays, using the internet in our life becomes something essential. According to Gartner “the internet and enterprise are the two most important IT developments to emerge in the 1990s”. Therefore, the internet is improving significantly which make the users realize that when they use internet application, they are no longer software application. Software applications in these days are more likely like service, updates every time which make the company give the user the opportunity to test the application and know how the user use the application before they released it. According to Gartner “However, the majority of active Internet users will find value in participating in this area in the coming years.”

One of the popular beta web 2.0 applications is Google Wave. Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. Google Wave gives the people the opportunity to share their work documents, videos for presentation and photos. The users also can discuss their work and more. In addition, users can add users and reply on the people messages. Therefore, the benefit of using this application as beta first is to get the user experience which will create a relation between the company and the user. However there are some ethical issues with using this program which is copyright for the writer because anyone of the user can edit and copy the writer work with taking any permissions.

Another example of web 2.0 applications is Facebook. Facebook is beta and it is a social networking community website, which gives the user the opportunity to have their own page with their pictures and videos and their states. Also, they can add some applications to share it with their friends. The benefits of using Facebook as a beta is to give the developer the chance to see the user experience and know how the users are using the Facebook to improve it. Also it helps the developer to know what is important without the need to ask the users. Therefore, using this application help the people to communicate with the need to see each other. However, this application has some issues which is the privacy because the users can read the other people pages unless they change the settings.


As we know the world is growing and developing it in a remarkable way. Therefore, Web 2.0 are giving the users a rich Internet applications which mean that web applications that have many of the characteristics of desktop (wiki) applications. Therefore, According to O’Reilly  (2005) “ The Success in the Web 2.0 world depends on a successful user experience”.

The first example is one of the newest web 2.0 that has influence many of the people. In their way of working. This web 2.0 application is Google Wave. Google wave is an online tool for communication and teamwork. Also Google wave can be both a discussion and a document where people can share and talk about there work using text, photos, videos, and more. Also the user of the application can reply in the massage, edit on the content and add more users. Therefore Google wave is the best example of the rich user experience.

Another example, which can be one of the greatest examples of web 2.0 applications is plashup. Plashup is a web 2.0 application and it is the next step in our evolution, easy to use, web-based image editor for experienced users. Plashup is a free online photo editor. Edit, adjust and filter your images. Therefore, this web 2.0 application gives the users the chance to create and design many photos. Therefore Plashup is the best example of the rich user experience.

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