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Nowadays, the world is changing in a fast way, which make the Internet users and applications are increasing in a remarkable way. Therefore, the web 2.0 applications are using more functions than the data. However, the data is the number one factor for success in the Internet application, not just the function. Therefore, thinking about the Data is the Next Intel Inside as a factor can mean for the companies that saving the data for the web 2.0 users are more important than creating new functions for them

Looking for one of the most important example of web 2.0 applications that mean that the Data is the Next Intel Inside is more important then functions. For instance, eBay is one of the most famous online shops and auction. An online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. So the users can create their account and start searching for what item they want or they can sell items. Therefore, the best example for Data is the Next Intel Inside is the eBay online auction because the user data which will be entered in the auction. It will be stored in the eBay database.

Another example, which can be one of the famous web 2.0 applications is the MySpace. MySpace is one of the biggest social websites. So the users can create their accounts and start socializing with other people. They can add photos videos, comments and tags. So this particular web 2.0 application is building their data form the network. Therefore, MySpace is a good example of Data is the Next Intel Inside because the users will comment on one of the users page so the data will store in the MySpace Database.

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