An enterprise wiki “is a wiki used in an organizational context, especially to enhance internal knowledge sharing”. Therefore, wiki is designed to allow the users for quick and easy collaboration. Wiki systems are a shared collaborative web space, easy for non-technical people to add, edit and remove content via a web browser and also it provides a centralized repository for storing and sharing information.

Therefore, this post will present an example of using wiki in an enterprise. The company name is, a subsidiary of MicroStrategy (NASD: MSTR), is a leading provider of on-demand IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and call center solutions. Founded in 1999, has provided over 10,000 telephony solutions to more than 1,600 customers, including Raytheon, Hitachi and Reebok. used socialtext software which has a wiki service.

Therefore, According to the case study, there are some advantages of using the wiki in their company. Which are?

  • Got immediate adoption, fast results.

The adoption was immediate and the user satisfaction very high. Also The Socialtext wiki features met the company’s needs, and users got the easy-to-use solution they were seeking.

  • Much better way to collaborate.

Before using Socialtext wiki feature, people used documents sent around as attached files in emails. The documents were sometimes also stored on their corporate intranet. Socialtext wiki feature gives a much more efficient way to collect valuable insight from multiple contributors, to create a corporate memory of that insight, and to allow team members in all departments to engage in a collaborative way.

  • Extended collaboration benefits to customers and business partners.

After adopting the wiki collaboration feature, the platform continued to grow internally, realized that by extending the wiki to their customers and business partners they could realize similar collaborative benefits. So launched their public wiki, which was geared to their customer and partner audiences.

However, there were some disadvantages of using wiki in the enterprise, which are:

  • Reluctance to contribute
  • Reluctance to edit
  • some people reluctant to edit other peoples work
  • Establish appropriate process. e.g. who can edit what (sensitive document)