There is no doubt that the extremely popular Wikipedia website is an immense and ambitious project. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that employs a wiki (a software program that allows collaborative creation and editing of content) to generate its entries.

One of the benefits of a wiki is that it allows anyone with access to the internet to be involved in creating an online encyclopedia that catalogues every major human enterprise. Therefore, I tried to experience how to edit a page in Wikipedia. However, I couldn’t find an article of my interest to edit it. Therefore, I tried to use two methods to edit in Wikipedia. The first one was by edit some grammar mistakes. The second one was by edit some Wikipedia article in different language such as my first language Arabic. Therefore, this experience in Wikipedia shows me that it’s easy to fix the grammar mistakes and to edit on some articles. Thats mean that anyone who is not technical can use Wikipedia. Also it is easy for any user to reply on a discussion Forum.