Micro-blogging is a passive broadcast medium in the form of blogging. A micro-blog differs from a traditional blog in that its content is much smaller than the actual blog, in both actual size and aggregate file size. A micro-blog entry could consist of nothing but a short sentence fragment. Therefore, most of the companies realize that micro-blogging can be very effective and efficient to increase the companies’ productivity. There are many micro-blogs applications nowadays, such as Twitter. However, there are more than 12 micro-blogs applications that most of the companies are using nowadays as alternatives for Twitter. Also these micro-blogs applications specialize for companies. For example, Suncorp has been use Yammer for their micro-blogging.

The Suncorp Group is home to more than 25 brands across Australia and New Zealand spanning banking, insurance, and investment. As one of Australia’s leaders in financial services, the Suncorp Group is one of Australia’s top 25 listed companies. Also Suncorp Group is one largest listed corporation and includes Australia’s largest domestic general insurance operations. In addition Suncorp is one of the largest banks. With more than $97 billion in assets. Also Suncorp has over 219,000 shareholders, over 16,000 employees and around 7 million customers.

According to Jeff Smith, Suncorp CIO

“Yammer has enabled us to harness the wisdom of our people who are spread across multiple teams, geographies and brands to help achieve our purpose of delivering business solutions for competitive advantage.”

Suncorp has benefited from incorporating and integrating Micro-blog like. The micro-blogging tool has played a key role in helping geographically dispersed people and teams to communicate, share, and innovate. It has also helped Suncorp create a culture where collaboration is more natural by enabling people to interact online in an open, informal and transparent way.

According to Jeff Smith, Suncorp CIO, the benefits that Suncorp find by using the Micro-blogging are:

  • “Increased informal knowledge flow across the organization
  • Overcome barriers to collaboration, providing instant connection for people, teams, informal networks, communities of practice.
  • Improved alignment between executives and employees by use of the Broadcast Message to communicate messages and get ideas, suggestions and answers to questions
  • Helped stimulate greater sharing and discussion amongst common role groups e.g. Developer, and Tester.”

However, there are some issues with micro-blogging that some of the companies could face especially companies like Suncorp. For example, Privacy is arguably a major issue, because users may broadcast sensitive personal information to anyone who views their public feed. Micro-blog platform providers can also cause privacy issues. Another example of the micro-blogging issues is security have been voiced within the business world, since there is potential for sensitive work information to be publicized on micro-blogging.