In my previous post I talk about how Sony used the Web 2.0 applications to reach their customers and how Sony used the Enterprise 2.0 business models which are Sharing, Being Global, Peering, and being open to reach their objectives. Therefore, this post will be the second part of the companies that used the web 2.0 and the enterprise 2.0 principles.


E3 “is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.” Also E3 is an non-profit, their focus on the new games and the new hardware that related to the games such as PS3, Xbox360, Wii and others. Therefore, E3 have been using Twitter and Facebook.

E3 and Facebook

E3 are using Facebook to show their Fans their new games and consoles. Also to show their funs the exclusive game on every company they are partner with such Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. In addition, E3 are using the Facebook to notify their fun of the nearest conference or events around the world. A great example was when they told their fans that in the conference, Sony or PS3 has a surprising game and the surprise was the game Twisted metal.

E3 Facebook

E3 and Twitter

E3 might be over but the coverage continues 140 characters at a time. However, the fans always Get the latest news when it hits twitter.

E3 twitter