Blogs are a type of website or part of a website. That mostly is running and being maintained by one person with different types of entries of commentary, events, or other material.  Therefore, Dave Winer defines the Blog as ‘A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.’

This video will show you what is the Blog, how it’s work.

Blogs are web 2.0 and they are different than the normal websites web 1.0.  You can see the different between the web 1.0 (normal websites) vs. web 2.0 (Blogs) when compare between lecture and conversation. Web 1.0 site, like lectures, where you are listening to the same source. However, Web2.0 sites like listening to a conversation where you are more like the answer.

  • Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about writing.
  • Web 1.0 was about home pages, Web 2.0 is about blogs
  • Web 1.0 was about owning, Web 2.0 is about sharing
  • Web 1.0 was about web forms, Web 2.0 is about web applications
  • Web 1.0 was about portals, Web 2.0 is about RSS
  • Web 1.0 was about taxonomy, Web 2.0 is about tags

A great example is Technology as a way of life. Technology as a way of life is one of blogs that talks about web 2.0 applications and the development in the technologies. Therefore, what make this Blog great and interesting are the steps that they are using to write a blog.

  1. They are making the blog language interesting: which mean when the readers try to read a blog. It should sound like you are telling something to a reader that they knows very little about it, which make the reader interested to read and get more information about the that subject.
  2. Speak ‘with’ your readers, not ‘to’ the readers: when you write a great amount of blogs try not to make a distance between you and the readers. Therefore, give the readers the opportunity to Involve in the blog discussion. Invite their opinions and suggestions. Because that will make your blog more interesting and real.
  3. Get versatile content for your blog: which mean if your blog are writing about a subject and there is other people blogs is writing about the same subject, try to make a comment on their blog and invite them to write on yours. This will help you to build your own blog community. YOU AND ME

Therefore, using these steps will make blogs very useful to people because it will introduce many kind of information that the users’ needs. Also it will give the user the chance to participate in the blog. Therefore, that what make blogging great because. According to Rebecca’s pocket “I strongly believe in the power of weblogs to transform both writers and readers from “audience” to “public” and from “consumer” to “creator.”

These are some examples of Great Blogs :

  1. enterprise2blog
  2. crenk