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Nowadays, using the internet in our life becomes something essential. According to Gartner “the internet and enterprise are the two most important IT developments to emerge in the 1990s”. Therefore, the internet is improving significantly which make the users realize that when they use internet application, they are no longer software application. Software applications in these days are more likely like service, updates every time which make the company give the user the opportunity to test the application and know how the user use the application before they released it. According to Gartner “However, the majority of active Internet users will find value in participating in this area in the coming years.”

One of the popular beta web 2.0 applications is Google Wave. Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. Google Wave gives the people the opportunity to share their work documents, videos for presentation and photos. The users also can discuss their work and more. In addition, users can add users and reply on the people messages. Therefore, the benefit of using this application as beta first is to get the user experience which will create a relation between the company and the user. However there are some ethical issues with using this program which is copyright for the writer because anyone of the user can edit and copy the writer work with taking any permissions.

Another example of web 2.0 applications is Facebook. Facebook is beta and it is a social networking community website, which gives the user the opportunity to have their own page with their pictures and videos and their states. Also, they can add some applications to share it with their friends. The benefits of using Facebook as a beta is to give the developer the chance to see the user experience and know how the users are using the Facebook to improve it. Also it helps the developer to know what is important without the need to ask the users. Therefore, using this application help the people to communicate with the need to see each other. However, this application has some issues which is the privacy because the users can read the other people pages unless they change the settings.


Nowadays, using the PC as primary devices to access the internet applications are decreased because the software is improving to make the users can access the internet applications without the need to use the PC. They can access the internet using devices in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, therefore the software allows the user to keep data synchronized and readily available across all the devices such as PC, Laptop and Phone. Nevertheless, the software will make everything be online and the data will stream in ever increasing speed.

Looking for one of the most important example of web 2.0 applications that mean that the Software above the level of a single device is Gowalla. Gowalla is a social network community which works in mobiles. Therefore, there are many ways to use Gowalla.

  • Gowalla is the easiest way to share places you go with your friends.
  • In Gowalla you can invite friends or you can add existing users to your network.
  • Gowalla gives the users the opportunity to see the other people activities.

Therefore, this application is definitely above the level of the single device because it provides many features which make the people use the internet very easy. Also using this software gives the user the opportunity to be updated. This software also can be used in the work filed.  However, using this program can affect the user privacy because this type of software can be accessible from any device.

The other example of web 2.0 applications is Fring. Fring is a free web mobile application that lets users communicate with friends on popular networks over their mobile phone’s internet connection. Also Fring gives the users the opportunity to communicate with other internet services like Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ, Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, this application is above the level of the single device because it provides many features which make using the internet more easily than before. Also it is one step forward in software development. Nevertheless, this software shows some use of collective intelligence. Also using this program can help many people in different environment such as travel and work. However, this software can affect the telecommunication companies because this software use the internet as way to make call, which can affect telecommunication companies from developing.

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